Pittsburgh Fairy Photography Session with Jodi Walsh Photography

Flashback Friday post from 2013- one of my first fairy sessions

She was excited to play dress-up but like most 3 year olds, she was a strong willed little one who loved to be in control of things.  It was challenging but she was sweet and imaginative and had a very patient photographer who just waited for the magic to happen.  And then, it did…

I love photographing little ones like Miss Bug.  She challenges me and keeps me on my toes because in the blink of an eye, she will turn and run.  It’s like coaxing out a sweet little flower, patiently waiting for it to bloom and when it blooms, it is magical.  I look back at these images and just remember the laughing as I watched her run away and then when she caught a glimpse of the “fairies” floating in the air, how she took charge to make sure that no one (including the young family out for a walk) would make too much noise and frighten the fairies away.

little girl sitting in the woods wearing fairy dress with crown and wingslittle girl pouting in her fairy dress with flower crownlittle girl in a fairy dress, running in park

little girl in pink fairy dress in North Hills park

If you think there’s no way your child would sit and pose for pictures, I’m the photographer for you!  I won’t make them sit and pose.  I’ll simply ask them to play 🙂

Even after 4 years these pictures are magical and timeless.

I am so very happy that we did this with Katie. Her fairy pictures are some of my favorite – I will cherish them always! – Erin Peterson
Portraits can be much more than just pretty pictures that document the passage of time.  Portraits can be experiences and memories and treasures of play and imagination and childhood!
There are still openings for my Magical Fairy Mini Sessions!  Contact me to claim your spot.

Fairy themed Outdoor Mini Session

with Jodi Walsh Photography

I have slowly built up a collection of fancy fairy dress-ups over the years.  While I love to use them in sessions, I’ve never done mini sessions like this!  For one afternoon/evening, I’ll have my dresses and crowns and wands out for clients to wear and be photographed in!

Session Details-

What: Styled Fairy Mini Session

A 20 minute mini session for little girls (babies are welcome but must be sitters).  Costume sizes available are between 6 mos and size 6/7.  After the session, participants will receive a gallery of 10-12 images and their choice of 3 full size digital files to keep via digital download.  Other prints and products are available.

Location: A little park in the North Hills.  Directions will be provided upon booking.

Price: $150 per 20 minute session for up to 3 girls.  More slots may be purchased for more time (and that would include additional files)

Fill out the form below to begin the booking process!

collage of little girls in fairy costumes

Fairies are your thing?  No problem.  Check out my Storybook sessions to create a one of a kind creative experience for your child!  Princesses, wizards, superheroes, villains!  Whatever they’re interested in, we can work together to create an imaginative and fun photo session!


Stopping time with pointed toes

One of the things that I love to do with my photography is to document the passage of time- the gradual changes that occur throughout the year but they pass by unnoticed unless you have those images that stop time for you.  Then you can look back and see the transformation.

It’s that ritual of stopping time and then looking back that I treasure, especially when it comes to my daughter.

I can’t help but feel time seeming to speed up as she creeps closer and closer toward the teenage years.  I want to grab her and hold her, keep her little just for a bit longer!  But the seconds tic by and I see the changes happening.  And I treasure the memories and those precious images of when she was just a little girl.  You can see her past sessions My Ballerina and Ballerina, Level One.

This is why I’m  photographer.

This is why I celebrate the end of each ballet season with a special photography session.

And this is why, this year, I opened up the opportunity to more of the beginning ballerinas in her school.

I couldn’t resist sharing this with all of those moms and dads and grandparents who have been watching their dancers learn and grow.  I had to give them the opportunity to stop time for just a moment as they completed prep and their first time on stage at the Byham in the spring performance.  Or they finished level I with their first Nutcracker experience behind them.  Or like my daughter, they’ve made it through level II and now they eagerly wait for the fall and the promise of pointe shoes…

And so, back in May, we met up at Studio 415 on the Northside and this time, I was joined by several dancers, all eager to show what they’ve mastered this year.

young dancer in white leotard, seated and stretchingyoung dancer in white leotard, posingyoung dancer in white leotard, seated and in ballet pose

I have to admit.  When my daughter first started dancing, I was a little nervous about what was to come.  I was nervous about the competitiveness, the emphasis on perfection, the concern about body shape.  But as we’ve moved through the levels, I learned that I didn’t need to worry.

My daughter’s teachers have emphasized health and strength, training the dancers like skilled athletes.  Yes, they strive for accuracy in their movements but there is also understanding and acceptance that training takes time.  As for competitiveness, we haven’t really seen it.  The girls that we’ve encountered have been so encouraging of each other.  I’ve witnessed this first hand, helping backstage during Nutcracker.  The older girls take care of the younger ones, showing them what to do and including them in their games.

And as you can see below, even during their photo session, they’re happy to help each other out.

young dancers helping each other to pose in balletyoung dancer in pink leotard in splitteen ballet dancer in pink leotard

I think the most exciting part as a parent is to watch your child persist at something challenging until they finally get it.  For many of the dancers in level II, this challenge was the split and so this was the pose that all of the dancers were happy to show off.

dark haired ballet dancer in split

And this is the other pose that the girls spend a lot of time working on.

tween ballet dancer in pink leotard, stretchingtween ballet dancer in a pink leotard, posing

And finally, my girl.

What I love looking at the images side by side is the increase in confidence that I see in her.

young ballet dancer through the years

L (2015), M (2016), R (2017)

teen dancer in pink leotardtween dancer in pink leotard, seated in chair


In April, I had my first internet giveaway!  The prize was a Tween session for the lucky winner and his/her best friends!  It was a huge success and my lucky Tween BFF session winner chose to have her session downtown in the cultural district with 2 of her best friends.

Session details-

Tween BFF Session

  • Session type: Tween BFF
  • Subject: Tween girl and her 2 friends
  • Location: Downtown Pittsburgh, Cultural District and Strawberry Way

As you can see looking through this session, Miss A is not only a gorgeous girl but has the best smile, especially when she’s laughing!  What I loved about working with her and her friends, was that she was not afraid to take over and direct her session.  That takes such confidence and she had some great ideas!

We started our session in Agnes R. Katz Plaza down by the Benedum Center.  While I spend a lot of time in that area (especially during Nutcracker season) this was my first time shooting there and it was beautiful.  The sun came in through the trees, creating this amazing glow.

teen girl portrait session in cultural district, Pittsburgh

teen girls portrait session in cultural district, Pittsburghteen girl portrait session in cultural district, Pittsburghteen girls portrait session in cultural district, Pittsburgh

The girls started the session in more formal dresses, all with similar tops but different skirts.  I loved how they went together but still kept their own individuality.

Next we started to make our way to our second location, Strawberry Way.  As we walked, I couldn’t resist the lighting as we down in the alley behind The Benedum so we had to stop there.

tween girl with sunglasses sitting in alley, downtown Pittsburghtween girl with sunglasses sitting in alley, downtown Pittsburgh

Oh my goodness!  I loved the attitude with those shades!

Then we passed another spot!  How can you not do a shot with the theater lights while in the theater district!

teen girl on city sidewalk in downtown Pittsburgh

Finally it was time for the wardrobe change.  A quick stop in the public bathroom- or maybe not quite so quick with 3 girls all getting in and out of outfits.  Fortunately, no wardrobe failures but there was a lot of giggling coming out of that bathroom.  Then it was on to Strawberry Way!

tween girls, Strawberry Way, Pittsburgh

I remember being this age and loving the idea of matching with my friends.  The girls wanted to have the same outfit and it looked cute on all 3 of them!

tween girl, Strawberry Way, PittsburghThis is where Miss A took over.  She wanted a serious shot with the girls- in fact, they were really into the serious faces for much of the session.  She directed her friends to walk away from the me and my camera, then turn towards me suddenly, looking fierce.

tween girls, Strawberry Way, Pittsburgh

It took quite a few tries and lots of giggles but they finally nailed it!

tween girls, Strawberry Way, Pittsburgh

I wouldn’t mess with these ladies!

While trying to get this shot, I noticed this beautiful doorway and so I grabbed Miss A for another shot.  Once again a serious face but man, she has this classic beauty about her!  I just can’t stop staring at her eyes!

teen girl portrait in doorwayAnd it wouldn’t be a photo session with tweens if I didn’t catch them in a social media moment!

tween girls, Strawberry Way, PittsburghI truly hope they had a blast during our time together!

So what do you think? Do you have a girl who would love an experience like this?  The possibilities are endless and the memories (and images) will last a lifetime.  Contact me and we can start planning!


Did you know that I offer

Fresh48 newborn sessions?

I do and they are some of the sweetest sessions that I get to shoot.  With the trend of LifeStyle photography catching on, there is an increased demand for birth photography and Fresh48 sessions. There are lots of families who love the idea of capturing those first moments with baby but are a little unsure about having a photographer in the room with them.  However, I’ve found that a Fresh48 session is a great option for getting a documentary/LifeStyle session without the pressure of having an additional person with you while giving birth.

The Fresh48 session is done within the first 48 hours after your little one arrives.  It can be done in the hospital or at home (if you opt for delivering at an alternative location).  This gives both moms and dads an opportunity to record those first moments getting to know the new little one or to bring in older siblings to meet the new one.

With this recent session, I was able to do a second Fresh48 session for this family as they welcomed baby #3.  You can check out her big brother’s hospital photography session too.

Session Details –


  • Session type: Fresh48 Hospital
  • Subject: baby girl, mama and daddy
  • Location: Heritage Valley Hospital, Sewickley

We were waiting for this little bundle for many days.  As baby #3, mama was sure that this little one would enter the world before her due date.  Well, she proved her mama wrong by arriving a few days late but as you can see, she was worth the wait.

newborn baby girl hospital session

Welcome Little One

As moms, we’re often worried about how we’re going to look in pictures and so we end up avoiding them.  Once again, I want to be the voice encouraging you (as well as myself) to stop it and just be in the picture.  What do you see when you look at this beautiful new mom?  Do you see anything but love?  I admit, I’m in a unique position because this particular mama is also one of my best friends but I look at these images and just see how amazing she looks.  And I think about how precious these images are going to be as this little one grows up.


newborn baby girl hospital session

newborn baby girl hospital sessionsleeping newborn with pink cap and hospital blanketsleeping newborn with pink cap and hospital blanketsleeping newborn with pink cap and hospital blanketnewborn baby girl sleeping on hospital bedsleeping newborn with pink cap and hospital blanketnewborn baby girl hospital session with Pittsburgh dad shirt

Pittsburgh Dad

Yes, a Fresh48 session includes dad!  It’s important to capture those moments of daddy getting to know his new little boy or girl.  And this Pittsburgh dad had the perfect shirt to wear for the occasion.  (For those of you who might not know, Pittsburgh Dad is a local personality who makes some pretty great videos on being a Pittsburgh dad).

Now are you ready to start planning your Fresh48 newborn session?  Contact me and we can discuss options and details for both maternity and newborn portrait photography!

S i g n   u p   f o r   E m a i l   O f f e r s